Zed was once a lowly technician responsible for maintaining a fancy-ass piece of brain-washing tech called N.O.R.M.; a machine more soul-crushing than a strip club on Monday afternoon. After being caught in the crossfire during a successful sabotage attempt to destroy N.O.R.M., Zed is left disfigured (seriously, his face looks like under-cooked turkey bacon) and with a few cards short of a full deck. But! the explosion has also inexplicably imbued him with the ability to bring his drawings to life.

Under the saggy tutelage of Tilt, one of the few remaining underground resistance fighters, Zed dons a mask to aid her in fighting the totalitarian, fascist and general dickishness of the Minister of Cultural Affairs. A man who, in his pursuit of perfection & order has created a world where uniformity is demanded, nay, forcibly downloaded direct to your spongy pink brain. In this land, Zed and his crudely-rendered “friends” are a source of chaos.

Part Aeon Flux, part Harold and the Purple Crayon, Paint by Number is targeted toward the 18-to-35 year-old demographic.

Created by Adam Du Shole, 2011.

     Zed and friends.

     The resistance HQ, located in a long-abandoned shopping complex. Home to Zed and Tilt.
     Zed at home, catching up on his programs.
     A second view of the resistance headquarters.
     The Minister at work in his secret surveillance vault.
     A view from the seat of N.O.R.M. (Neuro Organic Re-education Machine).

Bonus! Below is a quick pencil test of Zed as well as a matching stop-motion sequence created by Andrew Curran, whose videos can be found here.
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